• 314 Low Drag Soft-Urethane Dimple Pattern for Wind Consistency.
  • Super-Soft Urethane cover for maximum softness and green control of the finished ball.
  • Enhanced impact clear coat to assure maximum durability and a softer feel.

Inner Mantel

  • 3-D Inner Mantel for better energy transmission between the cover and core. Maximum Distance & Consistency.
  • A quality control center proof technology to avoid any miss-centered balls.


  • Revolutionary Thermo-Tech Core for a softer feel and better energy transmission.
  • Technological break-through from compressed rubber to thermoplastic core.
  • Fell the softest Tour ball in the market.
  • The core of a Golf Ball is the essence of its performance. Thermoplastic core golf balls are a revolutionary step in the history of golf ball manufacturing. The same way that compressed rubber displaced wound golf balls as a better material and technology. Feel the difference and enhanced energy transmission, consistency, control and softness off simply better material and technology.

The THR golf ball is specifically designed for expert golf players looking for control in their short game, while maintaining distance on their driver. Above everything, feel the softness and consistency than only a core made out of the best thermoplastic materials can give you.

We are so convinced of our golf balls performance that we invite you to try it.





The Core: Thermo-tech

Product: THR

History is Limited Edition

We are convince of the technological breakthrough that our THR core will provide to the industry. Following this believe we will brand all THR golf balls with our model THR followed by 0.0. Every 100.000 balls produced we will increase in 0.1 its number so that all our first ambassadors can keep up with the chronological production of our golf balls, and to let them know that they are playing a piece of history.

Who knows, maybe in the future this piece of history has unimaginable collectable value.

Inspired to make a difference

The THR golf ball is designed to make a difference in players’ game. It´s inspired to improve the softness and consistent that many expert players are looking for in a golf ball.

Having this in mind it´s important to mention that thermoplastic materials are much easier to recycle than rubber. This will mean that these golf balls in the future will be completely recycled and contribute to a better and earth friendly world. Improve your game while helping the ecosystem.

If you want to learn more, please feel free to contact us.


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