Eco Practice, The first Eco-Friendly range ball on the market

PREMIUM PRACTICE is set to unveil its answer to the “surlyn shortage” the golf industry is currently facing. The revolutionary recycled surlyn formulation of the new ECO-PRACTICE range ball produces the same feel, distance and durability as a standard range ball…but it’s 100% Eco-Friendly!

Eco-Practice golf ball

The formulation we developed allows us to recycle some of the material from the old range balls we purchase through our BUY BACK PROGRAM and combine it with new material to manufacture a golf ball that performs and lasts just like a brand new one. Golf courses and practice facilities are struggling to find new range balls to replace their old ones. The new ECO-PRACTICE range ball is the answer they’ve been looking for…and best of all…we have them in stock!

Take advantage of our 2022 BUY BACK PROGRAM…we will buy all your used and worn-out range balls!

Bola Eco Practice Replay Golf

Additional Characteristics of the ECO-PRACTICE range ball:

  • White and Yellow Color may slightly change from one batch to another.
  • Increased differentiation from a playing ball
  • Reduced Shrinkage from golfers
  • Less Cost 
  • Guaranteed Performance and Durability as with our standard Range Balls.
  • Available Supply Under Current Extreme World Circumstances.
  • Contribute to the Worlds Sustainability with the Greenest Range Ball in the market.

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