Replay Golf offers work for Ukrainian refugees in Spain

At Replay Golf we want to offer work under equal conditions to three Ukrainian refugees from the conflict over the Russian invasion of their country.

How can refugees access the labor market? What is the salary they will receive? We answer to some of these questions:

At Replay Golf we continue working to incorporate three Ukrainian refugees into our company. We know that this situation generates many doubts among all those affected, so we would like to make some clarifications:

1) What is the salary that the person will receive when hired? All the people hired in our company will be in equal conditions, so their salary will be established according to the agreement.

2) Is accommodation provided? The Ólvega City Council is working to offer housing to those affected by the conflict. Is this public organization that will be in charge of facilitating the accommodation and with whom they must contact to carry out this procedure.

3) Do they need a work permit? What documentation do they need to becoming part of the staff?

The UE opens its doors to refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine and will recognize the right to healthcare and work for all refugees arriving from Ukraine.

The worker must be identified in our town, at The Ólvega City Council, and deliver the asylum card to the company, with the Social Security number (he will have previously requested from the Tesorería de la Seguridad Social closest to his home).

From Replay Golf we will try to help people as much as possible so that they can carry out all the procedures.

4) What language will they need to speak?
Basic english and spanish skills are required. It means, a minimum level of the language to work in teams.

Some more info:


  • Replay Golf, Ólvega:, (+34) 975 09 04 94
  • Ólvega City Council: Plaza de la Constitución, 1. 42110 – Ólvega (Soria).  976 192 525.


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