Buy customized golf balls

Reasons why personalizing golf balls can help you on the golf course If you have been playing golf for a long time, you know the game and its peculiarities. But what not everyone knows is that golfers have many options to choose from among the products they need to practice this sport. It’s not just … Leer más

Eco Practice, The first Eco-Friendly range ball on the market

PREMIUM PRACTICE is set to unveil its answer to the “surlyn shortage” the golf industry is currently facing. The revolutionary recycled surlyn formulation of the new ECO-PRACTICE range ball produces the same feel, distance and durability as a standard range ball…but it’s 100% Eco-Friendly! The formulation we developed allows us to recycle some of the … Leer más

Recycled, refurbished and Eco balls, VS the imminent supply crisis of raw materials in the world of golf

In 2020 there were 24.8 million golfers in the United States, a 2% increase over the previous year. This fact which would become the largest net increase in the last 17 years, according to Golf Digest, (data from the National Golf Foundation). Translated into numbers, and according to Golf Digest, there were 6.2 million new … Leer más

Replay Golf: Golf Balls Recovery

Every year more than 420 million golf balls are lost around the world, enough to fill 70 Olympic swimming pools, the equivalent of 19,000 tons of plastic waste. This data was the reason why we started a research and development in the recovery of golf balls. We wanted to be a pioneer firm in this … Leer más

The top 10 gifts for golf lovers

Special dates are approaching and we have to think about original Christmas gifts that we are going to make to our loved ones. In addition, the typical sales of these times and events such as Black Friday are consolidated as a good time to advance our purchases. If you have a golf lover close to … Leer más