The top 10 gifts for golf lovers

Special dates are approaching and we have to think about original Christmas gifts that we are going to make to our loved ones. In addition, the typical sales of these times and events such as Black Friday are consolidated as a good time to advance our purchases. If you have a golf lover close to you, the range of possibilities that opens up for gifts can be very wide, so we have made a selection with the 10 best gifts for golf lovers and golfers.

Gifts to golfers

1. Custom and personalized Golf balls

The golf ball is a staple for every golfer, whether you are just starting out in the sport or an experienced player. Regardless of your level, it is always a joy to have a brand new box of top brand balls; And if you also want to go a step further, you can always count on striking models or personalized golf balls. Printing a photograph on a golf ball, or even a logo, and then gifting those balls, will blow your mind away! Ask us about the possibilities we offer to custom and shipping golf balls to all Europe.

Custom golf balls to golfers

2. Golf Head Covers

Surely the person to whom we are going to give a gift already has a good set of clubs; but to have a detail, we can opt for protective covers for golf clubs. There are many models and designs, so we can choose those that best suit the personality of the golfer: With animal shapes, with more series printed details, etc. The most common are wood covers, because they are the clubs that require the most care. As a curiosity, we tell you that the most famous golf head cover in history has been the tiger-shaped cover worn by Tiger Woods. Maybe it will give you an idea!

Golf Head Covers, gifts to golfers
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3. Golf watch with GPS

As in other sports, GPS watches have become fashionable in golf. It is a comfortable and aesthetic gift, aimed at players with a medium-high level, who need to know the distances with precision. It is already quite common within golf and it is no longer strange to see caddies and golfers using watches during practice rounds to get better scores. In GPS Sports, you can consult a guide on how to choose the best GPS golf watches.

The Best Golf Watches of 2021
Image from GPS Sport: The Best Golf Watches of 2021


4. Laser Rangefinder

Along the same lines, but for a higher level of precision, we find laser rangefinders. A device that is used to know the precision and distance at which the desired target is, so that the player can better aim the shot during the game. With them, the player will be able to know the distance between the flags and obstacles present on the golf course, as well as the angle or speed of the trajectory.

The 5 Best Golf Laser Rangefinders of 2021
Image from The 5 Best Golf Laser Rangefinders of 2021

5. Tees

A simpler and more affordable option that can be used as a complement to your gift are golf tees (the sticks on which the ball is placed to make the tee shot), which use to get lost and break easily.


Golf tees

6. Multipurpose tool

This gift is perfect for those who are always prepared for any drawback or situation. An object similar to a Swiss Army knife, but whose components are for playing golf.

Multipurpose golf tool
Multipurpose golf tool. View at

7. Clothes for playing golf

For a golfer, clothing can always be a good alternative. In this case, it will depend a lot on the tastes of the golfer, but the options are endless: Pants, sneakers, polo shirts or sweaters, among others.

Clothes to play golf

8. Golf Lessons

Whether he is just starting out or has a high level, any golfer wants to improve his game. Therefore, a good option may be a course with an accredited professional that allows you to continue evolving in your game.


9. PGA Tour 2K21 for Playstation

An original gift off the golf course! One of the most complet simulator up to date. You can share your game with the top ranked players on the best golf courses in the world, and also create players with their own style of playing and their own golf course. You have in PGA Tour 2k21 everything a golfer could dream of about a golf video game.

10. Golf books: The Best oned

Books can be of great use to golfers, as they can provide useful ideas on how to improve the game and allow them to learn more about the sport. We leave you a link to Sportter, where they have made a selection of the 35 best golf books, updated to 2021.

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