Recycled, refurbished and Eco balls, VS the imminent supply crisis of raw materials in the world of golf

In 2020 there were 24.8 million golfers in the United States, a 2% increase over the previous year. This fact which would become the largest net increase in the last 17 years, according to Golf Digest, (data from the National Golf Foundation). Translated into numbers, and according to Golf Digest, there were 6.2 million new players, which was a new record.

But at this time, while the world of golf is gaining popularity, the same industry, like many others, is being hit by the crisis in the raw materials supply chain:

Golf balls and other items (like grips or golf clubs) are increasingly in short supply, because the crisis in the global supply chain continues to make it difficult to purchase new products, as reported by Michael Croley of Bloomberg.


second golf balls, refurbished golf balls

What can the golfer do to continue enjoying the sport and fighting this shortage?

As human beings, we are not used to conceive a linear vision of the total process that raw materials, follow from the moment they are extracted until the product that contains them is discarded; and this trouble also takes the entire transportation system, which moves around all the world, and which is fully engaged at this time.

second golf balls, refurbished golf balls

Our responsibility as consumers at this time, is combined with the commitment we have with the conservation of the environment, which is increasingly growing and demanding. Therefore, the problem with the reduction in manufacturing can be confronted through the reuse and recycling of materials, as a disadvantage to this debacle.

At Replay Golf, this commitment to the environment has been consolidated for years, with an intense work in the production and manufacture of recycled and refurbished golf balls from leading brands. In addition, we also offer new game golf balls solutions whose core is 100% recycled material.

Refurbished golf balls and recycled

Replay Golf second-hand golf balls, whether recycled or refurbished, go through a process of quality evaluation and restoration of the ball itself in our factory. It is aimed at preserving the properties that the manufacturer himself had provided originally. For this reason, the golfer can find under our logo, golf balls from the players’ favorite brands, such as Titleist, Taylormade, Srixon or Nike. Our product is now presented as the perfect option to fight against this shortage of resources that is considered long in time.

Given the uncertainty of the possibility of finding new rich deposits on the planet to solve the very serious problem of shortage of raw materials besides, and as technological development must be oriented towards the search for other alternatives based on renewable energies, it is necessary to plan very well how to prepare the population to the minimum quality services so that well-being and health prevail over others.


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