Range Balls VS Regular Golf Balls: What’s The Difference?

There are many different types of golf balls on the market (range balls, new golf balls, recycle golf balls, refurbished golf balls…), and playing one golf ball compared to another will change distance, speed, spin, and roll on your shots.

If you are learning how to play golf, the first thing you have to know, talking about golf balls is that we always have two main types of golf balls: The first one, the range balls, which we are going to use on the driving range. And the second one, the premium or regular golf balls (New, recycled or refurbished golf balls), which we will use on the golf course.

Range Balls VS Regular Golf Balls: What’s The Difference?


How Do Range Balls And Regular Balls Differenciate

1. There are lots of differences among them, but the first one is that a range ball is manufactured differently. Range balls and regular golf balls are not made with the same materials and neither treated equally when they are being manufactured, because the golfer needs to obtain particular results with them.

2. Compared to regular golf balls, range balls are designed to be hit repeatedly and are built to be more durable than standard or regular golf balls. In general their core is firmer, and their cover is thicker, which means that they travel less and provide a much heavier connection on the shot. Range balls, as a general rule, will travel up to 10 meters less in distance when struck with wedges or short irons. They are harder, because the golfer hits them over and over again to practice his swing and gain distance.



3. The covers of range balls are typically made of Surlyn blend to make them more durable, while the regular or premium golf balls are usually made of with soft materials as urethane cover, to provide the golfer a soft feeling on the shot. For regular golf balls, performance is going to be the most important thing, besides the feeling. This will make all the difference, especially in the short game.

4. If we talk about their assembly, we have to say that a range ball usually has one or two pieces. While a regular or premium golf balls can have up to four or five pieces. Therefore, if you are going to compare a range ball to a high performing three or four-piece golf ball, there may be more significant performance differences. The main differences will be related to spin and feel, and sometimes launch as well.  For instance, a harder golf ball can be difficult to spin. Luckily when practicing on the range, the player mostly works on the full swing, and doesn’t need the ball to spin that much. However, on the golf course, around the greens, the golfer needs to have a golf ball in which he can rely on to stop where he needs to. If you’re looking to add more spin to your shots, it’s best to use a soft higher-quality standard golf ball.


Normally, the golf course provides to golfers the personalised golf balls with the course logo, to play on the driving range. Besides it is the golfer who buys their own premium golf balls to play with his partners on the golf course.

Whether you are a golf course or a golfer you can ask us about buying customized golf balls, new, or range balls. We distribute golf balls to all Europe and USA.

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