Replay Golf: Golf Balls Recovery

Every year more than 420 million golf balls are lost around the world, enough to fill 70 Olympic swimming pools, the equivalent of 19,000 tons of plastic waste. This data was the reason why we started a research and development in the recovery of golf balls. We wanted to be a pioneer firm in this field, and make a difference indeed, contributing with our vision and concern for the environment. We can say that we have succeeded, since we are currently the first leading European factory of new golf ball manufacturing as well as recycled golf balls, but we still have a lot to do. If you want to know what the recovery consists of, we tell you all the details. 

Golf balls recovery procedure

You will wonder, how are golf balls recovered? At first sight it may seem simple, but the reality is that it is a complete service in which the following process takes place:

  • The first step in the recovery of the balls in lakes is to contact the golf clubs, or vice versa, offering them an economic remuneration with our maintenance service for their lakes and water intakes, which help the preservation of the ecosystem and environment.
  • Once the service has been agreed, we hire professional divers with more than 15 years of experience. These divers collect lost balls in the lakes as well as in any lost corner of the clubs.
  • When this work is finished, the damaged balls are taken to the factory, based in Soria (Ólvega), which has the most modern and advanced equipment in recycling and manufacturing technology.
  • There, a specialised team is aimed to classify these recycled and refurbished balls, monitoring each process.

Recycled balls are the ones that undergo a faster and easier process because they are only dirty or superficially damaged. Due to this, they are washed and reclassified, maintaining all the characteristics of the original brand.

On the other hand, refurbished balls experience a complex journey. Usually, these kind of balls come to the factory quite damaged, so their process is also longer. First of all, these balls are stripped of its previous paint and lacquer, then they are recolored in the same tone of origin. Eventually, the typography and lacquering takes place to package them according to their particularities.

The most advanced technology in retrieving and recycling golf balls

The golf ball retrieval services help recycle and preserve the environment, one of the most significant premises that gave life to this project. However, our aim goes beyond obtaining exclusive benefits, we firmly believe that our collaboration with golf courses plays a fundamental role that brings benefits to both sides. 

Bolas recicladas

The advantages of hiring these professional services are the following:

  • Security and Confidence. Services, diving and collecting balls, as well as maintenance, are guaranteed to the client by a civil liability insurance, emphasizing the professionalism that characterizes us. Furthermore, Replay is Europe’s largest diving company, and we have in our team the best qualified people to carry out the diving and collection work.
  • Incomes. We are aware of the profitability of collaborating with golf clubs and courses around the world. And as a way of appreciating the hiring of our services to reduce the environmental impact, we offer economic remuneration per retrieved ball.
  • Reduction of Golf Courses Operational Cost. From the beginning our concern has consisted in reducing energy costs, investing in high quality machinery and equipment, and the use of eco-friendly materials. Moreover, our way of working also means a reduction in costs for golf courses.
  • Preservation of the Ecosystem by a totally earth friendly activity. Carrying out a totally ecological activity allows taking real care of the environment and contributes to the maintenance of the fields in the long term.

At Replay Golf we believe the golf industry can control the environmental impact that losing balls causes in our ecosystem. Our mission is to give them a second life returning to the hands of every golf lover, so they can enjoy their game without having to generate more waste and plastics.

Long live sustainable golf! Bet on sustainability and quality at the most competitive prices on the market. Bet on Replay Golf.

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